Gravett Schoeman has a wealth of experience and expertise in almost all fields of law, including Commercial Law, Conveyancing, High Court and Magistrates Court Litigation, Municipal Law, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Administration of Estates and Wills, Debt Collection, Family Law and many other areas. The firm has established itself as a leader in conveyancing and other related property matters in East London. The conveyancing departments’ staff are highly trained. The firm serves on the panels of South Africa’s major financial institutions.

What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is a legal term for the process whereby you become the registered owner and legal owner of immovable property. It also covers the registration of a mortgage bond and cancellation of a mortgage bond. Our practice is on the panel of four major banks and attends to various transactions relating to mortgage bonds. We have also been involved with the establishment of various townships/developments in the East London area and have vast experience with property developments and the opening of sectional title schemes. We also offer a comprehensive service to other law firms as a lodging and registration office and the signing of various documents. We pledge to render a service that is effective, professional and friendly and strive towards building long lasting relationships with our clients and our colleagues. Our Conveyancers have a passion for their work and their dealings with the clients. Please contact Hannes, Burger, Mary-Anne or Natalie to attend to your various property needs.

Are you interested in selling or purchasing a business? Are you dealing with a reputable attorney with years of commercial experience? Your sale agreement and the tax implications attached thereto are critical for a smooth business transaction. Anton has derived great pleasure in providing his services to many business owners in the East London area over the years. Please contact Anton to protect your business interests and for a game of golf.

Litigation is always a very prominent field of law in most practices and at the firm, this is no exception. There are currently two attorneys dedicated to High Court and Magistrates Court litigation namely Ian. Ian has knowledge of the various substantive areas of law and the rules of the various Courts is a very effective tool when litigating and results in the firm having an excellent success rate in litigation matters.

The death of a loved one is always a very difficult and challenging time for family members in that the family has to come to terms with the loss of their loved one on the one hand, and on the other hand, attempt to finalise the estate as soon as possible. Having a highly experienced individual in this area of Wills and Administration of Estates can make this time considerably easier on the family members as the firm takes the burden away from the family so that they can have more time to support each other, while the firm handles the finalisation and distribution of the estate. Please contact Gary for your peace of mind. Gary has over 30 years of experience in drafting wills and will ensure that your Will reflects your final wishes.

You have decided to marry but are you aware of the legal and patrimonial consequences? Please contact Anton, Burger or Mary-Anne to explain the consequences to you and assist you with your contract. Please remember, a marriage contract must be signed before you marry.

The firm has the ability to deal efficiently with small scale and large-scale debt collection and has been involved in large scale municipal debt collection for several years. Please contact Ian to arrange a consultation to discuss your particular needs and to meet our team.